Saturday, June 26, 2010

Confessions of an alt-aholic

Yes, the "warcraft" in "Cynicism and warcraft" refers to World of Warcraft. I've played for about two years now, and despite playing regularly and thoroughly enjoying the game, my main still hasn't reached level 80.

It's true - I'm an alt-aholic. I'd guess that over time I've had about fifty or so alts, most of which I got bored with and deleted to make way for a new race and class combination I wanted to try on that server, or on a vain attempt to force me to focus on poor, neglected Catalana (who has been level 72 for some months now). And every time I get sick of trudging around Northrend, I start a new alt.

I even have a warrior alt, a class I really have no interest in playing (I much prefer ranged attacks and magic abilities). I've had multiple paladins, warlocks, mages and druids on my account, a handful of death knights (I only like their starting area), shamans, priests and rogues. Oddly, I've only leveled a few hunters as far as level 10 or so. I say oddly, because hunter was the first class I played and is still one of my favourites.

I love starting areas. I think some of the best quests in the game happen before a character reaches level 20. I remember the pride I felt when I first killed Hogger (hey, I was a n00b, and I believed all the chatter that he was scary). I remember the thrill of fear of running Catalana through Duskwood, expecting Stitches to lurch out from behind a tree and kill my squishy little self in a few hits. Somehow, even Outlands failed to capture that.

I'm slowly breaking the cycle though. Hi, my name is KJ and I haven't created a new character in over two weeks. I even have alts higher than level 20 now, and with the amount of time I spend playing Fainne (level 39 hunter) she almost counts as a main.

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